Insurance is a dynamic component of a comprehensive financial plan.

Insurance fulfills many needs, from helping you efficiently transfer wealth to the next generation, to protecting you and your family from unforeseen or catastrophic events. In this day and age, guarding yourself against risks to your financial security simply makes sense.

Insurance can be broken into two phases. The first phase is the paying phase. This is the period when you are paying the policy premium. The second phase, the claims paying phase, is the period when you are collecting a benefit. Frankly, in our experience, when someone suffers a claim, they're not thinking about the premium—they're thinking about the benefit! We always keep this in mind when advising you.

At Ingenuity Financial Services, we believe your financial advisor is the best person to assist with your insurance needs.
An insurance sales person and the individual being insured can have two very different goals. The individual seeking insurance has a goal of protection from financial risk—but an insurance sales agent only gets paid once they have made a sale. And, often, the amount they are paid is dictated by the amount of the policy premium.

Like the insurance sales agent, we are also compensated for what we sell. But as your financial advisor, our incentives are directly in line with your goals: to grow your bottom line while protecting your assets. We are sitting on the same side of the negotiating table with you, looking at your entire financial picture. Alan has structured Ingenuity Financial Services the way he has because he wants the client and the broker to always be on the same page, working for the same goal. Our vision is for you to have the best retirement and the most secure future possible.

Another advantage to working with Ingenuity Financial Services to address your insurance needs is that we do not represent an individual insurance company. We are free to work with the company that offers the best products for your needs and your financial situation. Our allegiance is to you, the client, and not to the company who sells the product.

Ingenuity Financial Services understands all aspects of insurance and we can assist you with all your needs. 
We strive to educate our clients about the necessity for various types of protection. We also work to respect and understand the priority and importance that you place on insurance coverage and the role you think it should play in your financial portfolio.

Alan began his career in the financial services industry working with an insurance company and has been offering insurance products to his clients since 1978. We have the experience and expertise to understand your needs and to help you achieve a balance between cost and benefit. We will help you be certain you are not paying too much for too little coverage, and we can help you achieve peace of mind—knowing the coverage will be there in the right amount, when you need it.

The appropriate use of insurance in your financial portfolio allows you to replace uncertainty with certainty and helps to remove worry. Ingenuity Financial Services, working together with you, will help you achieve this important goal!